Profile of Alexander Groenwege:

Alexander Groenewege received a technical education before graduating from the Design Academy of Eindhoven.

Before establishing himself as an independent industrial designer, he worked as a designer for Pentagram in London and Philips Design, among others, and as head of the design department for Curver Plastics, as well as for a variety of multinational organizations. For a number of years he was on the Board of the BNO (Dutch Designers Association/Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers) and Chairman of the BNO Industrial Design Section.

Alexander Groenewege has a considerable amount of hands-on experience in many disciplines, which enables him to work in close contact with his employers and with people from all disciplines relating to production, including product development; (process) engineering; o.e.m. and marketing. He brings particular expertise to the integration of functional requirements with production development, branding and corporate image. He has extensive knowledge of creating products that meet strict technical, ergonomic, functional, budgetary, ecological and aesthetic requirements. The products created in this way have a high customer value and generate commercial success.

Alexander Groenewege has substantial experience in creating domestic appliances, electronic and office equipment, tools and machinery; medical instruments; technical furniture and workstations; human machine interfaces and pictograms; food industry products; agricultural, catering and automotive projects; packing and display material.

Alexander Groenewege has carried out projects in many countries in Europe, in the United States of America and in Taiwan.

Completed projects and companies worked for include:

Philips Design; Kenwood; Pentagram Design, London; Spree Made Berlin; Paul Verhaert D&D, Antwerp; Axel Enthoven Associates, Antwerp; Luut Schimmelpennick, Amsterdam; Van Dijk & Eger Associates; Grundig; NS Dutch Railways; Wagons Lits; PTT Telecom; TNO; GE Plastics; Curver Plastics; Tiger Plastics; Dru; Pelgrim; Itho; NPBI; Stork; Drent Goebel Graphic Machines, Heidelberg; Barco; Mania: Chubb Lips; Pie Data Medical; DSM; Rotterdam City Council; Bekaert; FCI; Berg Electronics; OTB solar, Boschman; Kliko; Kooiaap; Netagco; Yamaha.

Because of his original approach to designing he is often invited to give lectures and conduct workshops. Workshops include: design academies in Antwerp (B), Berlin (D), Compiegne (F) , Koln (D) as well as the Technical Universities of Enschede (NL) and Delft (NL). He taught for several years at the Design Academy of Eindhoven and is currently teaching Industrial Design Engineering at Delft Technical University.

His innovative designs are frequently mentioned in the international design press for his innovative designs and have received the following awards:

IF-Hannover Design Award
Ion Design Award
GIO (Stichting Goed Industrieel Ontwerp)
Rotterdam Design Award
Gelderse vormgevingsprijs